From Russia with Love

Welcome to the EDgun UK Website

Since those pioneering days of the iconic bullpup, Eduard Gafarov's innovative designs have inspired a discerning following of EDgun enthusiasts around the globe. 

One small step for EDgun . . . one giant leap for EDgun UK

EDgun initiates made it their business to invest their addictive love affair with the EDgun brand some years before Eduard entrusted me with this UK dealership.  Some years later, I gradually progressed from an elementary level to the realm of Sorcerer's Apprentice albeit bedeviled by technological conundrums others endowed with weightier grey matter might otherwise grasp in their sleep.  Such is the nature of a specialist's science mastered by gifted visionaries whose inventive genius forge the giant leaps we airborne mortals might follow in our dreams. With good reason then, I'm bound to relate to the poetic essence of Montaigne’s existential muse: ‘Obsession is the wellspring of genius and madness!’

And so it goes . . .

Having stood upon the shoulders of giants    vis-à-vis Newton's laboratory a stone's throw from my office window    I have my way of expressing my relationship with this highly personal journey . . . sometimes hitting the mark . . . on other occasions indulging in regrettable folly.  Whatever the case, the customer has the final say: True or False?   Thus, one of the proofs of a refined tuning system that keeps us competitively honest is a measurable sub-12 Shot-Count.  And that Air-Fective measure exposes the wolfish bias of disingenuous partisan hecklers while equally delighting EDgun UK customers who have no axe-to-grind other than wanting . . . and, mind you, getting . . . value for money.  

And so it goes . . .